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Who We Are

Cobalt Informatics

CU's Informatics services include integrated healthcare systems with a hospital information management (HIM) solution for electronic medical records, patient, pharmacy and inventory management. Technical expertise includes IT infrastructure, security, asset and application management. CU offers capabilities such as clinical Biometrics, data management, biostatistics, SAS programming, and GXP compliance validation, all in compliance with global data privacy standards.  All developed with the SDG 2030 Goal 3 in mind. 


Medicine Supply

CU is committed to improving access to a safe supply of medicines through Cobalt Medicines Group (CMG) and to educating consumers on the safe use of medicines. CU initiatives include manufacture and quality control of pharmaceutical products worldwide. To submit an inquiry on the availability of medicines through CU, contact:


Cobalt Clinical Research

We recognize the importance of clinical development to ensure access to innovative new medicines. Our R&D team at Cobalt Clinical Research (CCR) works on your behalf to manage all aspects of clinical trials for a wide range of therapeutic areas for a high quality outcome. We manage simple to complex trials with the well being of patients in the forefront of everything we do. Our experienced team ensures that all aspects of your clinical research program runs smoothly from study start-up, conduct and close-out and reporting according to local and international guideline.


Cobalt United

Cobalt United recognizes the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals agenda, which identifies 17 Development Goals to transform our world by 2030. CU is prepared to address Goal 3, which is “to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages." There are several target goals which fall within the framework of CU's expertise. 

Government Contracting

Our expert team of scientists collaborate on everything from laboratory planning and construction to optimizing product manufacture and storage as well as consult on public health issues and trends. Projects include ensuring a safe supply of medicines in emerging regions, construction of specialty laboratories and clinics, warehousing and storage, and scientific and technical consulting.

Cobalt Africa

Our team has worked for over 20 years in African market and has a deep concern for the health and well being of patients in the region. Through this experience, we have developed relationships with high quality clinical study sites.  We  work to help you identify the right sites that will meet your needs and engage the right team to manage your study.  We also are adept at identifying the right patients who may benefit from your products.  Whether your goal is to integrate West African study sites into larger studies or to conduct the entirely of a study, we are able to help you develop the right approach.

Cobalt Regulatory  

Our Regulatory Strategy and Regulatory Operations teams have 100+ years' combined experience, having filed multiple successful marketing applications in NDAs, ANDAs, BLAs, MAAs, CTAs, and INDs in all ICH regions with a flawless track record. They remain at the forefront of submission technology to ensure the highest quality submissions. Our team offers full-service Regulatory document and submission publishing, paper-to-eCTD transfer. Our speed and accuracy is a hallmark of our services.  Our team works in a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant environment across multiple regions.

Healthcare Initiatives


Cobalt United is concerned for the health and well being of all people and accordingly has entered into strategic partnerships to fulfill goals identified with the UN SDGs 2030 Goal 3.  Contact us to discover how we may collaborate with your organization to fulfill these important goals.

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