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Our standard operating procedure is designed specifically to accomplish your goals as seamlessly and as effortlessly as possible, while providing you a level of service that you deserve. The currently environment of the personal protective equipment space can be filled with frustration and disappointment. At Cobalt United, we put our years of healthcare experience and relationships to work for you. To begin the process, you completing a few simple documents will empower our network of relationships and maximize the speed and results we can produce for you.   


We start every process with a completed Letter of Intent (LOI), Proof Of Funds (POF) and a Purchase Order (PO). The more clarity you provide on the LOI, (spec, sizes, colors, &  AQL levels), the better we can meet your needs. We will also need to share your delivery location as this will influence final pricing. 


The LOI can be generic as our team will use this information to build and source your order anywhere in the world. As we get your needs defined and begin finalizing the closing process, our General Counsel will send you all the documents with escrow and payment terms in the pro-forma. 


Cobalt United’s Sales Funnel Process:


  1. Define your needs with an LOI, PO and POF (please note that LOI can be generic).

  2. Secure your order through production or spot buys.

  3. Detailed escrow instructions will be sent with the sellers pro-forma.

  4. Funding escrow.

  5. As soon as PPE is produced or secured, and SGS will inspect product.

  6. Escrow funds seller; title transfers and product is picked up by buyers transportation arrangements. 

  7. Process completes and we make you happy. Because our goal is to make you look good! 


Thank you for considering Cobalt United and we’ll work hard to make this one of the best business decisions you’ve made in a long time. 





Lisa Travis


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